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LUM - Pá [Amores Solitares] download

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LUM - Pá [Amores Solitares]

Artist: LUM
Title: Pá
Label: Amores Solitares
Catalog#: AS002
Genre: Organic House / Downtempo
Store Date: 21.06.2020
Quality: AIFF Lossless 16bit 1411kbps
Playtime: 25:00 Min
Tracks: 03
Size: ~252.8 Mb

1. LUM - Pá (Original Mix) 6:59
2. LUM - Pá (Bedouin Remix) 8:01
3. LUM - Pá (Blond:ish Rendition) 10:00

LUM - Pá [Amores Solitares]

LUM - Pá [Amores Solitares]

What is Pá? Is he a Person? A Thing? Or a Feather? What is his Life? Is it Carefree and Spontaneous Or Tormenting and Strife? Who is he in which a Person could know? What are his Abilities which only he could show? Does he Work, for the sake of a Family? Or sleeps and pigs around, being a Menace and Lazy? Who could this man be, to the Eyes of Children, A Hard Rock or a Soft Leaven? Does he Pile over Everyone And takes Control? Is he the Eagle, the Head of the Nest, Playing a very important Role? Does he impersonate Father Christmas With all his Treats and Gifts? Is he a Lover, with a Strong Heart for ******* Hugging greatly and giving Love-Lifts? Does he Pray, Or Face-Religious? Or a Braver, Or Spontaneous? Is he a Disciplinarian Wherewithin all Members under him Are tuned to his Command? Or a Freester, Who gives his Kids their darling Freedom Without any Demand? Does he care, For the People and Loved Ones around him? Is he Provocative, Uncaring for Anyone behind his Dim? Mostly, he is the Grass, Herding the Future for his Offspring? Or the Lamb, Stubborn and very Unwilling? And so, whatever he is, Or does, Pá is Pá (A Father is a Father), Anonymous or Specific I wouldn't mind. Just as long as he has HEART, STRENGTH, FREEDOM and PROSPERITY, KINDNESS, BRAVE, PROTECTIVE And RELIABILITY. I'll be Glad and Content. As any Son should be.
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