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The Best Of Times - Compiled & Mixed By Roger Sanchez & Todd Terry [Hard Times] download

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The Best Of Times - Compiled & Mixed By Roger Sanchez & Todd Terry [Hard Times]

Artist: VA
Title: The Best Of Times - Compiled & Mixed By Roger Sanchez & Todd Terry
Label: Hard Times
Catalog#: HTCOMPD001
Genre: House, Classic House, Tech House, Deep House
Store Date: 28.04.2017
Quality: 320 Kbps
Playtime: 05:53:36 Min
Tracks: 33
Size: ~812 Mb
Source: play.google

1. The S-Men - Back (08:28)
2. Sandy Rivera - Come Into My Room (feat LT Brown - Take It Back mix) (07:45)
3. Sous Sol - Beside You (Dario D'Attis remix) (06:57)
4. S-Man & Roger Sanchez - Time 2 Stop (9 To 5 mix) (06:27)
5. MK - Burning (Vibe mix) (05:50)
6. Emanuel Satie - Paffo's Riff (06:59)
7. Jon Cutler - It's Yours (feat E-Man - Distant Music mix) (07:09)
8. Weiss - Heaven (05:38)
9. S-Man - 6 AM (feat Mr V - Dario D'Attis remix) (07:19)
10. David Herrero & Fernando Campo - Around Me (original mix) (06:42)
11. Sandy B - Make The World Go Round (Deep Dish vocal mix) (05:08)
12. Emanuel Satie & Roberto Rodriguez - Ride Your Body (feat Max C - Sabb Afterdark mix) (06:14)
13. Leonardo Gonnelli - Whaa (Mathias Kaden Work That Straight remix) (06:30)
14. NiCe7 - House Music (feat Forrest) (07:04)
15. Mario Ochoa - Valencia (original mix) (08:03)
16. Roger Sanchez - The Best Of Times (Continuous DJ Mix) (01:14:39)
17. Todd Terry & Sound Design - Bounce To The Beat (Rhythm Masters 2015 remix) (07:32)
18. Black Riot - A Day In The Life (full Intention remix) (05:45)
19. Harry Romero & Joeski - Love Can't Save It All (Jay Vegas remix) (07:17)
20. Harry Romero - My Beautiful House (06:57)
21. Todd Terry - Jumpin (feat Martha Walsh & Jocelyn Brown - Tee's Freeze mix) (06:17)
22. Karen Pollard - Reach Out To Me (Angel's Bella remix) (06:49)
23. Michael Watford - Love Change Over (Alex Arnout remix) (06:49)
24. Todd Terry - Something Going On (feat Martha Walsh & Jocelyn Brown) (06:49)
25. Todd Terry & Josh Butler - Rock The House (original edit) (03:11)
26. Todd Terry & Limelife - Baby Can You Reach (Roog & Dennis Quin Tribute To The Maestro mix) (05:37)
27. Todd Terry & DJ Pierre - Funky Tees (original mix) (06:50)
28. Todd Terry & Project89 - Da Difference (original mix) (07:18)
29. Todd Terry & Roland Clark - Dance Floor (original mix) (07:05)
30. Todd Terry - Beat Like This (original mix) (08:00)
31. Todd Terry - Love A Minor (original mix) (07:41)
32. Todd Terry - U Can't Kill God (original mix) (07:44)
33. Todd Terry - The Best Of Times (Continuous DJ Mix) (01:09:03)

22 years of The Best Of Times.
Back in Ď95 when the term Superclub was first used, (a title we very much distanced ourselves from) and the club compilation was still very much in its infancy, HardTimes released Roger Sanchez The Album and Todd Terry Live at HardTimes. Both would receive worldwide critical acclaim,
be described as musical masterpieces and win club compilation of the year and a brilliant reflection
of a night at HardTimes by the likes of Mixmag, DJ Magazine, Muzik Magazine and Billboard.

22 years on, we are set to release the follow-up to those two amazing compilations. So itís no surprise we have gone back to the two men who understand our unique musical ethos and have contributed more than anyone to our success Ė my friends Roger Sanchez and Todd Terry. Working together for the very first time they have both compiled and mixed HardTimes presents The Best of Times Album. HardTimes has always been about modesty. Itís about making the most of what we have no matter how tough life can be. When you walk through the doors of the club thatís full of like-minded clubbers,
all there to feel the vibe thatís created by the DJs and the tracks they play, everything is forgotten.

Itís a wonderful experience that Iíve been able to help create. There is no greater feeling than witnessing a mass of people as they shift from listening to feeling the music and watching the club go off. When you connect with the music, thatís when the magic happens. We have never been about glitter, gimmicks, bells and whistles. We play house music. Thatís what weíre about. Itís always been about the music. History shows HardTimes would be voted Mixmag club of the year and join a very elite group. Both Muzik Magazine and DJ Mag would also name HardTimes the number 1 night
in the country.

Our Best of Times Album is a true reflection of one of our magical nights. A mixture of old and current tracks that in their own way have all played a part in our success. Our history is our legacy and we are proud of it. However there are still many more magical nights to come and lots more music to make. Once again, thank you to my friends Roger Sanchez, Todd Terry and everyone else who has helped us along the way. There are far too many of you to mention.
Real History, HardTimes, The Best of Times. Steve Raine

The Best Of Times - Compiled & Mixed By Roger Sanchez & Todd Terry [Hard Times]

The Best Of Times - Compiled & Mixed By Roger Sanchez & Todd Terry [Hard Times]
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